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Car Rental Savers Contact

Call center support: 877-477-7441
Reservation email support: use this link.
Corporate or coupon/discount email support - use this link.

Quick Car Rental Support Tips:

  • When picking up your rental vehicle always check for damage and mark on rental contract. Pictures are good evidence.
  • When picking up your vehicle always check your rental contract for the correct price.
  • When dropping off your vehicle again check for the correct price on your car rental contract.
  • If you have an issue try to resolve at the counter. If they are not helpful call the relevant car rental agency customer support number.
  • If you have a pricing issue or another issue that the agency can't or won't resolve during rental, call our call center.
  • If you still can't get an issue resolved, use our contact form and our corporate support group will assist in any way they can.