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Sixt Car Rental Discount

Get discounts and coupons for Sixt Rent A Car USA from Car Rental Savers.   Take advantage of Sixt car coupons and Sixt discount codes!

Try our Sixt Smart Book - coupons and discounts built in to save you time and money! Learn more about our Sixt discounted car search.

EXTENDED! Sixt daily coupon, get up to 30% off on select prepaid US midweek rentals by 3/31/23.

Pickup Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for a 2-4 day rental. Valid at mainland US locations for rental pickup by 3/31/23. Sixt car rental discount automatically applied.

Sixt one way discount, get one way rentals to select locations from $20 per day.

Get great one way rates with no drop fee at participating Sixt Rent A Car locations.

Sixt monthly discount, get up to 15% off your next Sixt monthly rental by 12/31/23.

Get up to 20% off your next Sixt monthly rental. No coupon required, check terms for cancellation policy for rental pickup by 12/31/23. 28 minimum day rental for discount.

Sixt prepay discount, get up to 15% off your next Sixt rental by 12/31/23.

Get up to 15% off your next Sixt rental when you prepay. No coupon required, check terms for cancellation policy for rental pickup by 12/31/23.

Sixt USA Locations:

Sixt Car Rental Atlanta
Sixt Car Rental Atlanta Buckhead
NEW - Sixt Car Rental Boston
Sixt Car Rental Charleston
Sixt Car Rental Charlotte
Sixt Car Rental Dallas Fort Worth
Sixt Car Rental Detroit
Sixt Car Rental Fort Lauderdale
Sixt Car Rental Greenville
Sixt Car Rental Hartford
Sixt Car Rental Knoxville
NEW - Sixt Car Rental Houston IAH
Sixt Car Rental Las Vegas
Sixt Car Rental Miami
Sixt Car Rental Miami Beach
Sixt Car Rental Minneapolis
Sixt Car Rental Myrtle Beach
NEW - Sixt Car Rental Newark
NEW - Sixt Car Rental New York JFK
Sixt Car Rental Opa Locka
Sixt Car Rental Orlando
Sixt Car Rental Palm Beach
Sixt Car Rental Phoenix
Sixt Car Rental San Diego
Sixt Car Rental San Francisco
Sixt Car Rental San Jose
Sixt Car Rental Santa Rosa
Sixt Car Rental Seattle
Sixt Car Rental Springfield
Sixt Car Rental Tampa
Sixt Car Rental Washington DC
Sixt Car Rental Westhaven
Sixt Car Rental West Palm Beach

*Note: some prepaid rates and guaranteed reservations are non refundable or have a cancellation fee, and require a credit card to book.

Sixt Car Rental FAQ's

Why should you rent a car from Sixt? There are several reasons to use Sixt Rent A Car. They have a wide range of luxury vehicles, are often cheaper than major agencies and they accept debit cards (with some restrictions).

How do I save money on my next Sixt car rental? Comparing multiple rental agencies and applying our Sixt discounts can save you a bundle. Use CarRentalSavers.com/Sixt to automatically apply Sixt car rental discounts and coupons to your booking.

Is Sixt Legit and who owns Sixt? Sixt is the largest rental car agency in Germany and is well known in Europe. They are well reviewed and offer a good consistent rental experience.

What kind of vehicles does Sixt have? Sixt carry more luxury vehicles than most of their competitors. German luxury rental cars include many BMW and Mercedes models.