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Firefly Car Rental Coupons

Firefly Car Rental discounts and coupons are available from Car Rental Savers.   Get great Firefly Car Rental coupons from Car Rental Savers!

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Learn more about our Firefly discounted car search. Currently we do not have any Firefly coupons.

Firefly Airport Locations:

Firefly Car Rental Adelaide
Firefly Car Rental Alice Springs
Firefly Car Rental Brisbane
Firefly Car Rental Cairns
Firefly Car Rental Canberra
Firefly Car Rental Darwin
Firefly Car Rental Melbourne
Firefly Car Rental Newcastle
Firefly Car Rental Perth
Firefly Car Rental Syndney
Firefly Car Rental Salt Lake City
Firefly Car Rental Liberia
Firefly Car Rental Kingston
Firefly Car Rental Mexico City

Firefly is a discount leisure airport car rental brand owned by Hertz. The brand was originally launched in Europe with additional locations in the United States being added starting September 2013. Hertz have limited growth with the acquisition of Dollar and Thrifty brands.

Firefly Coupon Codes:

  • Australia from $15/day
  • Mexico from $9/day
  • USA from $25/day

Verified Offers: 3

Coupon Codes: 0

Best Coupon: Australia from $15/day

Average Savings: $10

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