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Last Minute Airport Booking Service

Save on your upcoming car rental!

Our Last minute rental car booking service is currently unavailable.

How it works:

Step 1: Book within two weeks of your rental and save big with our last minute car rental booking service.

Step 2: You pay $5 through PayPal (no paypal account needed), click return to CarRentalSavers then enter your booking information.

Step 3: If you have an existing car rental reservation you can enter your full price (including taxes and fees) - if we can not beat it we refund your money.
If we can beat it but by less than ten dollars we book your rental car for you and refund your money.
If we save you over ten dollars, we book for you and charge your payment method a non refundable $5 dollars. We only keep your five dollars if we save you money.

Step 4: Enjoy your savings - on average we save you just over $30 on your car rental. Some customers save hundreds of dollars.

Requirements: You must be over 25, the only options we add are additional drivers, your car rental must be within 2 weeks and at a US/Canadian airport location.

Why this service?

You can cancel at any time, unlike Priceline. The most you will be out is $5 (if we book for you our fee is non-refundable).
You can also modify your car rental with no additional cost (your rate may change).
You can select your rental company from our booking partners so no surprises.
Find a better rate - unlike other last minute booking services your only commitment is $5.
We do not receive or store any of your financial information.
You can use your frequent renters numbers and take advantage of Kiosks or the Emerald Aisle.

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